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Want to find out how to recycle more and recycle better? You’ve come to the right place. Recycle Now NI is a hub of information on all things recyclable. Let's recycle better, together.

Helping NI to recycle better

In 2020-2021 we recycled 50% of our household waste in NI - a fantastic achievement! We all know recycling is good for us and the planet, but there is more we can do to get it right.

NI has committed to recycling 65% of its municipal waste by 2035, this means we will need to improve household recycling but also increase recycling of similar materials from non-household sectors such as food manufacturing, transport and storage, education, health, hospitality, office, retail and wholesale.

With materials such as foil, aerosols, and plastic pots, tubs and trays still being placed in our rubbish bins rather than our recycling containers, it's important that we raise awareness of what materials can and cannot be recycled. This helps people to recycle more of the right things, more regularly.

Check our Recycling Locator tool to see what can be recycled in your area

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Our campaigns

Recycle Now NI provides advisory support and strategic campaign leadership through the development and delivery of campaigns.

You may have seen or heard the most recent ‘Better recycling campaign’ in your area.

 Illustration of food waste and text saying today is a great day to recycle your food waste

Be a better recycler campaign

While 89% say they regularly recycle, and 57% say they’re recycling more in the past year, in recent months recycling rates in Northern Ireland have dropped.

In order to tackle this, WRAP Northern Ireland launched a campaign in November 2021 to encourage everyone to get re-energised about their commitment to recycling and improve their recycling behaviours through positive reinforcement and reminders.

Check out some Instagrammers getting behind the campaign:

Find out more about how to be a better recycler

Illustration of strawberries in a plastic punnet and the words blend, rinse, recycle

Eat, rinse, recycle!

Lots of the everyday food items we buy are packaged in plastic. Most of us recycle our plastic pots, tubs and trays but some are still being thrown away. This campaign focused on encouraging people to recycle these items.

What can be recycled?

  • Clear meat trays

  • Clear plastic takeaway trays

  • Fruit punnets

  • Pots such as yoghurt and soup

  • Tubs such as butter or margarine

  • Dishwasher tablet and washing capsule tubs

How to recycle pots, tubs and trays

  1. Remove the plastic film, absorbent pad, top or lid and put these in the general rubbish.

  2. Give it a quick rinse, you can use leftover washing up water.

  3. Put in out for recycling on your normal kerbside collection day.

Find out more about how to recycle pots, tubs and trays

Hand drawn illustration titled Why Recycle Food Waste? detailing the benefits of economic and environmental benefits of composting

Journey of food waste

Nearly all of us in Northern Ireland recycle food waste, but a quarter of the weight of each refuse bin is still food waste!

This campaign focused on how recycled food waste is composted and the benefits of doing so to the environment and the local economy, including creating local jobs and helping to grow food which is sold across NI - watch the campaign animation below.

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