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For years now, our Recycling Locator tool has been helping UK residents to be better recyclers by providing information about where and what they can recycle. In 2021 alone, it was used 6.5 million times!

Find out what you can recycle at home

By entering your postcode into our Recycling Locator tool you can find out exactly what your local authority accepts in their recycling collection - we'll even tell you which bin or bag to put it in!

You can also check if you have a food or garden waste collection and find contact information for your council, in case you have any queries about collection days or replacements bins.

Enter your postcode to check

Find your nearest recycling locations for other items

As not all materials or items can be recycled at home, the Recycling Locator also allows you to find your nearest locations to recycle anything from plastic bags to clothing to building waste.

For each of your nearest locations, the Locator will tell you the approximate distance from your postcode, list other items that are also accepted at the same site and provide a map.

For detailed information and tips about how to recycle both everyday and those harder to recycle items, check out our A-Z guide on how to recycle hundreds of items.

Find your nearest recycling locations for other items
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Embed the Recycling Locator on your website

Organisations large and small wanting to join the recycling campaign can apply to embed the Recycling Locator tool on their website. The view can be customised to show a single recycling location, such as an Recycling Centre, or to show locations to recycle one or two specified materials, or a material stream covering multiple materials of the same type. It is also available in Welsh. Email [email protected]uk to find out more.

How to report a problem with data on the Recycling Locator

The information on the Recycling Locator comes from several sources. If you spot something that needs updating please check our FAQ page to find out how to report this.

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