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Plastic salad bag and bread bag lie scrunched on the table

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Can I recycle plastic bags, pouches and plastic wrapping?

In an era of plastic, it’s a relief to know that more and more of us are recycling. However, until recently, there was one type of plastic that just couldn’t be recycled – the final frontier you might say…

These were those niggly plastic bags, pouches, wrapping and crisp packets.

However, we are pleased to announce that in 2021, plastic bags and wrapping began to be more widely accepted in specific stores across the country. Progress in the industry has meant that you can now take your plastic back to store to be recycled. Just check our Recycling Locator tool to find your nearest collection point.

On the 28 March 2022, Recycle Now and Clear on Plastics are joining together to launch a campaign across UK and Northern Ireland to raise awareness. To take part, look out for the #RepeatTheCycle hashtag.

Now go enjoy your crisps in peace.

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