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Recycled plastic - why should I care?

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Are you one of the almost 9 out of 10 people in the UK recycling regularly? If so, it may be because you care deeply about the plastics problem and our planet. But after all that recycling, did you know that recycled plastic plays an important role in humanity’s impact on climate change?

What is recycled plastic?

Recycled plastic in packaging is plastic which has come from recycled materials. For example, plastic bottles that we recycle at home are sorted, cleaned, melted, and made back into plastic bottles or other items. Sometimes you might see information on a product that says (for example) 100% recycled content, which means that the packaging has been made using 100% sourced recycled plastic.

Why should I care about recycled plastic?

Creating new products from recycled plastic provides many benefits to the environment.

Almost all new plastic is derived from fossil fuels, and the process of manufacturing plastic creates hundreds of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. The more new plastic we make, the more fossil fuels we need, the more we contribute to climate change.

We need to find alternatives to plastic where we can (where it doesn’t lead to other environmental impacts) but where we can’t, using recycled materials is important. In fact, making a plastic bottle from recycled plastic takes 75% less energy!

How do I help create more recycled plastic?

The answer is easy, keep recycling as best you can! The more you recycle, in the best way possible (e.g. rinsed and ready for recycling) the more materials we can make from recycled plastic.

If you’d like to know more about recycled plastic and what’s happening in the industry, visit our sister website: Clear on Plastics.

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