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Make-up packaging

Recycle at home

Recycle out of home

Yes, some make-up packaging items can be recycled at some out of home recycling points - find out more below.

Which beauty and grooming packaging items are accepted?

A new take-back scheme has been launched by members of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) which enables consumers to return beauty and grooming packaging currently not accepted in home recycling schemes to selected retailers. Some are even offering loyalty reward points or discounts off products as an incentive!

  • Plastic body, hair and face cream pots and tubes, dropper bottles, body lotion, hand cream and sunscreen tubes

  • Plastic combs, contact lens cases, roll-on and stick deodorants, toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and electronic toothbrush heads

  • Plastic eyeshadow and brow palettes, concealer or eye shadow tubes (including applicator), eyeliner or concealer pens, make-up tubes and mascara tubes (including brush/wand)

  • Plastic lipsticks and lip balm pots and tubes

  • Plastic sachets, samples and hotel bottle minis, refill pouches, wipes packets and single use face and hair mask packaging

Which beauty and grooming packaging items aren't accepted?

  • Aerosols, cardboard boxes and sleeves, toilet roll tubes, shampoo, shower gel and conditioner bottles - these are not accepted as part of the scheme and need to go in your home recycling collection if your local authority collects them

  • Hairdryers and electric tools - these are not accepted as part of the scheme and need to be recycled as small electricals at retailers, Recycling Centres and as part of your home recycling collection, if your local authority collects them

  • Toilet roll wrapping - this is not accepted as part of the scheme and needs to be recycled at large supermarkets in their plastic bags and wrapping collections

  • Wooden eyeliner, eyeshadow and concealer pencils - just plastic ones are accepted

How to take-back your beauty and grooming packaging

  1. 1

    Check the participating retailer websites for full details of the individual schemes, including which materials are accepted and which stores are taking part.

  2. 2

    Separate anything that can be collected in your home recycling such as plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles - these need to go in your kerbside collection.

  3. 3

    Empty and rinse - if you can, give a quick rinse of any product off or inside the items. This ensures the product doesn’t contaminate and cover other items also being collected.

  4. 4

    Put lids and caps back on – this reduces the chance of them getting lost during the sorting process as they can be recycled separately.

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