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Cross section of underground showing plastic bottles beneath grass and soil wit the text Plastic Planet, in nature now

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Recycle Now has been running high profile and high impact citizen campaigns for many years.

Our campaigns are based around solid research findings and aim to inform, guide and motivate people to change recycling behaviours.

We devise, produce campaign tools and communication assets and make these available to our partners like local authorities, waste management companies, retailers and brands. This allows our partners to communicate consistent messaging, helping to broaden the reach of the campaigns.

Maybe you've seen some of our previous Recycle Week campaigns or those focusing on reducing plastic waste?

Cross section of undergound with plastic botles buried beneath soil and grass with the text: We are becoming a plastic planet.

Plastic Planet

Since the last century, plastic has become part of everyday life. From bottles and bags to pots, tubs and trays our lives are full of it. And so is the planet.

This campaign came with a hard-hitting message that 79% of the plastic waste ever created is in the environment. The aim was to encourage consumers to recycle more and prevent plastic waste from damaging the environment.

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Illustration of bubbles with the text 35% of us don't recycle from the bathroom - You avin' a bubble bath? Britain Recycles.

In Our Own Hands

35% of people don't always recycle from the bathroom!

Most people now recycle regularly from the kitchen but not as many of us remember the bathroom as a rich source of recyclable plastics. This campaign asked people to think about the bathroom when recycling plastics.

Find out more about how to recycle more from the bathroom

An illustration of cans and a bottle chopped into slices to look like vegetables with the text Step it up for Recycle Week - Take a bite out of climate change by recycling

Recycle Week 2021

We save 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year by recycling, the same environmental impact as taking 12 million cars off the road, or 27 million of us going veggie.

The theme of Recycle Week in 2021 was ‘Step it up for Recycle Week’, asking citizens to help tackle climate change through small acts like recycling more.

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Illustration of a hand holding a can with the text: Front line hero? Stay-at-home star? Together we recycle. Britain recycles.

Recycle Week 2020

Following on from a tough year of restrictions and disruption, the theme of Recycle Week in 2020 was 'Together we Recycle'. 

The campaign said thank you to everyone for continuing to recycle through very difficult circumstances - refuse workers, waste management companies or citizens who continued to recycle throughout the year. Watch the campaign video below.

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