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How to Recycle

Tips to help reduce contamination

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Putting the right stuff in the right bin is important. The wrong stuff is called contamination. Most of us are getting it right, however, when too much contaminated material is collected, it potentially prevents the whole lorry load of material from being recycled.

Items that should NOT be put in your home recycling

These items need to be put in your waste bin.

  • Animal waste

  • COVID-19 test waste including Lateral Flow cartridges/testing devices

  • COVID-19 related Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including face masks

  • Disposable nappies

  • Glass cookware, Pyrex and ovenware, drinking glasses and ceramics

  • Sticky tape

  • Tissues, wet wipes, cotton buds and cotton wool

Tips to avoid contamination in your recycling

  • Check our Recycling Locator tool to see what you can recycle at home

  • Visit our Recycle an Item pages to check how to recycle problem items

  • Check your local authority website or collection leaflet for specific instructions about how to recycle some items, e.g. lids on/off

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