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Food tins and drink cans

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Yes, Food tins and drink cans can be recycled at some out of home recycling points.

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Which food tins and drink cans can be recycled?

  • Aerosols - remove caps and recycle with plastics

  • Aluminium foil trays such as take-away trays

  • Aluminium tubes, e.g. tomato puree - remove plastic caps

  • Biscuit and chocolate tins and their lids

  • Drink cans - empty and rinse

  • Food tins - empty, rinse, put tin lids inside the tin, labels can be left on

Good to know

One in every three drinks cans sold in the UK are drunk away from home

The metal these cans are made from is endlessly recyclable, so it’s important that it is saved rather than thrown away. Especially when you consider that each can could be recycled and be back on sale as another can – in just 60 days.

Every Can Counts

To help us recycle our drinks cans wherever we are - whether at work, at college, at an event or festival or simply out and about - the Every Can Counts campaign is working hard with a range of organisations to provide drinks can recycling facilities.

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